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Hi there! I am new to this site, but I figured I'd give it a whirl! I am a college grad with a Bachelor's in Mass Communications. I have had many office jobs in the past with major roles but fell ill for 2 years with severe Lymes Disease. I am feeling much better now and back on the hunt, but I haven't landed ... Read more
I am looking for remote jobs to start me off to save up to be able to start myself in college. I have bad anxiety and I am a stay at home mom and its hard getting anywhere without a degree but something that doesn't require to much schooling at first is what I'd prefer. Any advice or help is appreciated.
Am I the only one who references Glassdoor reviews before applying to a job? If the reviews aren't good, I don't apply.
I have what seems like a pretty solid network of people that work in my industry or industries that I am interested in working in. My problem is that my network seems to be too close to me and consider me a "friend"; none show interest in hiring me because they worry it may ruin our relationship. The thing is, I only interact with ... Read more
I just started a new job last week (yay!) and am feeling alternately excited and stressed by all of the new things I have to learn before I feel like I know what I'm doing again. Any tips/tricks from your experiences for how to navigate these transitions successfully and get off to a good start?
Hi All, After graduating college I got a job in a field that I thought I might like, however about 3 months in I realized that I really don’t like it and started to look for other postitions. That was over a year ago. My problem is that have no idea what I want to do and I’ve been applying to jobs with really ... Read more
Hello everyone, I am looking to enter into a career related to my education. I feel like I am hitting a brick wall though. I have a 4.0 final GPA on my Masters degree in Healthcare Management, and I also have a bachelor's in project management. I cant seem to get into management fields in either of these fields because they want 10+ years ... Read more
Hello ladies! I have been at my current job for about two years. The job I currently have is one that I got right out of college. Though I have enjoyed my job, I have come to terms that there are no opportunities for growth. I do not get excited about coming to work everyday and I am ready for a change. I have ... Read more
Hello ladies! I have an unusual career path (worked right after high school, went back to school while working full time, did internships, got a Bachelor in marketing, worked in marketing, left because I refused to work with an abusive management, went back to school, got my MBA while running an exchange program with the university and managing the company in charge of it). ... Read more
Listen to what people tell me: get my foot in the door somewhere and hope that I will climb the ladder enough in 9 months to get my visa and face the possibility to go back to Europe anyway
Get any job that would make me use my MBA even if I am not very good at it
Trust my guts and keep applying, hoping at some point it will pay off
I’d like to transition out of the restaurant business but I don’t know how to translate my skill set to another career. I’m single & can't afford a lower wage. Which direction should I head towards?
Just jump out there & try something
I had to leave work in 2017 to care for my ailing family. I’m just to a point where I’m able to return to work, however I want to go into another line of work. Helping veterans receive their benefits, working in some type of field helping people with addictions ( but I do not have a masters and I don’t want to go ... Read more
Can I get into one of these fields with my experience and education?
Should I just go back to what I know?
Is there any hope or am I fooling myself by not furthering my education to fulfill my dream?
Hey, ladies! I’m looking for remote work due to health concerns. I’m pretty much house-ridden. Any tips?
Freelance work
Social Media work
I work remote and love the idea of my job. The challenge is the company I work for cannot live up to the deliverables they promise. I report into the CEO, and he is dismissive and non responsive to my needs in order to execute partnerships and down right verbally abusive. I am left defeated and unfulfilled but am terrified to leave because I ... Read more
Should I stay?
Or Should I go?
How do I get his attention to focus on delivering on his promises?
I have years of experience at the mid-management level but have been used as upper (without the pay or perks) and keep getting passed up. How can I move up if my resume doesn’t truly match my work?
Ask for a raise and title change
Look for a new higher job outside the company
Look for a new job that is equal or below my current and hope I move up faster