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Job Interview Discussions

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Hi there! I am new to this site, but I figured I'd give it a whirl! I am a college grad with a Bachelor's in Mass Communications. I have had many office jobs in the past with major roles but fell ill for 2 years with severe Lymes Disease. I am feeling much better now and back on the hunt, but I haven't landed ... Read more
Hello everyone, I am looking to enter into a career related to my education. I feel like I am hitting a brick wall though. I have a 4.0 final GPA on my Masters degree in Healthcare Management, and I also have a bachelor's in project management. I cant seem to get into management fields in either of these fields because they want 10+ years ... Read more
Do you think asking about a company's maternity leave policy / ways they support working moms in a job interview will hurt your chances of getting hired?
Is there a way to tell if your former employer is giving you a bad reference or "spoiling" the market for you? For context: After many years at one company, starting in an entry level position, I moved up to director/department manager. I left when I reported documented harassment and it was ignored. I gave 6 weeks notice, but I did not leave on ... Read more
I had to leave work in 2017 to care for my ailing family. I’m just to a point where I’m able to return to work, however I want to go into another line of work. Helping veterans receive their benefits, working in some type of field helping people with addictions ( but I do not have a masters and I don’t want to go ... Read more
Can I get into one of these fields with my experience and education?
Should I just go back to what I know?
Is there any hope or am I fooling myself by not furthering my education to fulfill my dream?
How/where can I find out average starting salary for a particular job and company (especially if I don't know anyone in the biz)? I don't want to sell myself short nor do I want to waste my time interviewing for a low budget company.
Call the HR department and ask them outright.
Fill out numerous survey answers to learn of your value.