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Advancement Discussions

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I have what seems like a pretty solid network of people that work in my industry or industries that I am interested in working in. My problem is that my network seems to be too close to me and consider me a "friend"; none show interest in hiring me because they worry it may ruin our relationship. The thing is, I only interact with ... Read more
Hello ladies! I have been at my current job for about two years. The job I currently have is one that I got right out of college. Though I have enjoyed my job, I have come to terms that there are no opportunities for growth. I do not get excited about coming to work everyday and I am ready for a change. I have ... Read more
I've been at my job for a year now. I do enjoy my position and the flexible hours are what I need. But I can't get a definite answer on whether I will ever get a pay raise. It is a male dominanted business and because of that I feel that I am being held back from reaching my potential. Even though I do ... Read more
Wait it out / It will get better
They're just playing you / leave
Take the pay cut / find a job elsewhere
Bite the bullet and go back to school
I've been working at my current job for about a year now and I have been a hard worker, someone who is punctual, I am very respectful with my management but the problem here is the company I'm with refuses to give me pay increases because they feel I get too distracted while I'm working even though it's an apparent excuse to get out ... Read more
Go to Corporate and complain
I have years of experience at the mid-management level but have been used as upper (without the pay or perks) and keep getting passed up. How can I move up if my resume doesn’t truly match my work?
Ask for a raise and title change
Look for a new higher job outside the company
Look for a new job that is equal or below my current and hope I move up faster