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Blog Interview

Company Spotlight: Quartet

Technical Recruiting Lead Nyala Khan talked to us about how her company is transforming the way mental healthcare is delivered and why they’ve prioritized gender diversity.

Photo taken from Quartet's InHerSight page

Looking for a female-friendly technology company with a transformative mission? Technical Recruiting Lead Nyala Khan talked to us about how Quartet is transforming the way mental healthcare is delivered and why they’ve prioritized gender diversity. You can also connect with Quartet in-person at its self-care for women in tech event on March 23, 2017 in New York!

Tell us about Quartet.

Nyala: Quartet is a fast-growing, NYC-headquartered technology company transforming the way mental healthcare is delivered, by making it more accessible and integrated into primary care. The Quartet platform increases access to mental health resources for patients in need by identifying patients who may require mental health services and connecting primary care physicians and patients with mental health specialists. The company currently has offices in New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Seattle and New Orleans and more than 100 employees.

Quartet is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce. Tell us about that commitment.

Nyala: Our leadership team made a commitment early on to maintain a gender-diverse workforce. As the company’s first “people” hire, I am constantly looking for ways to ensure our team is comprised of different genders, races, and backgrounds because, like many tech companies, we service a diverse population.

Quartet focused on diversity early because as you see with large tech companies like Google, the larger a company is, the harder it is to change its diversity ratios.

Quartet has a new women’s employee resource group. What are your goals for that group?

Nyala: More than 40% of our staff is female. We created this group to be a resource for the women working here to seek advice, bond through social activities, find mentorship and benefit from each other’s networks. The group is focused on many areas, including providing visibility for the awesome women working here. We encourage women to speak on panels, write articles, and get involved as mentors with outside organizations.

Can you give any examples of activities or programs that the group is working on?

Nyala: We have an uplifting event on self-care for women that we’re hosting with Tech Ladies on March 23 at our office in New York. The agenda is focused on helping women in tech think about wellness, specifically focusing on self-care in the categories of physical, psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, workplace and balance. Women in tech often find themselves in high-pressure, competitive environments - this event is about helping women define an actionable wellness plan, find support for their plan, and make a commitment to take care of themselves. We wanted to partner with Tech Ladies because we feel aligned with its mission. The Tech Ladies’ private Facebook group is a wonderful, supportive, uplifting font of positivity for women in tech.

Get more of the inside scoop from the women working at Quartet on the Quartet InHerSight page , and if you're in the New York area, be sure to check out their event on self-care for women in tech !

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