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Articles by Beth Castle about Culture & Professionalism

Managing Editor, InHerSight

Beth Castle is on staff at InHerSight, where she writes about workplace rights, diversity and inclusion, allyship, and feminism. Her bylines include Fast Company, Charlotte magazine, The Charlotte Observer, SouthPark magazine, Southbound magazine, and Atlanta magazine. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Ask a Recruiter: How Can I Learn About a Company’s Culture When I’ve Never Met Anyone in Person?
Plus: What a company’s coronavirus response tells you about their leadership
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Culture & Professionalism
What to Do When the Workplace Bully Is Your Boss
5 steps to take and when it’s illegal
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Culture & Professionalism
How to Write an Email Like the Professional You Are
Otherwise, call me, maybe?
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Guides to Discrimination
What Is Marginalization & What Can You Do About It?
See also: discrimination in the workplace
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How to Meet Gender Representation Goals, According to a Company That’s Done It
Like all good things, it starts with honest self-reflection
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Career Development
A Step-By-Step Guide to Quitting a Job Gracefully
No, this experience isn’t nearly as fun as it should be
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Culture & Professionalism
How to Handle Happy Hours When You Don’t Want to Drink
Whether you’re pregnant or you just don’t want to
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Culture & Professionalism
How to Survive a Boss You Hate
Like Cast Away, but Wilson is your desk stapler
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Culture & Professionalism
What Your Office Potluck Dish Says About You
The most important self-assessment you’ll do all week
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Culture & Professionalism
Funny Things to Do on Your Last Day of Work
“Can I have that?”
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Culture & Professionalism
How to Dress for Business Professional Attire 28 Ways
Step aside, boss coming through
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Culture & Professionalism
I Learned How to Be Happy at Work
Four things you can do right now to make your working world a brighter place
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Paid Time Off
15 Funny Out-of-Office Replies You’ll Wish You Could Use
They're mostly inappropriate, but a girl can dream
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Equal Opportunities
What Recent Research on Sexism in the Economics Field Doesn’t Say
How context would shape the American Economic Association’s recent report on harassment and gender discrimination in the male-dominated field
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